ARTE ASA Application

ASA - ARTE Saturday Academy Application and Agreement

ASA - ARTE Saturday Academy Application and Agreement

DAYS: Saturdays

LOCATION: Atwater Center 26 Atwater St. New Haven 
TIMES: 10:30am – 12:00PM
ARTE and its instructors are very serious about this program. For it to be effective students and parents must agree to give it 100%. Students should not skip sessions and should attend EVERY session, to benefit fully from ASA. Students and Parents will need to follow the guidelines detailed below. Violation of the guidelines or the expectations established may result in expulsion from the program.

Parent / Guardian agrees to the following:

  1. I will keep my child enrolled ASA program and not let them miss classes.
  2. I will assure my child is ON TIME for every session.
  3. I agree that my child will adhere to the student agreement terms.
  4. I agree that my child respects the ASA program and all who are involved.
  5. I understand pictures or images may be used by ARTE for future marketing and other purposes.

Student Agrees to the following:

  1. I will give 100% commitment to the ASA program.
  2. I will respect myself, other students, teachers, and instructors.
  3. I will not have an attitude when in class.
  4. I will suggest ideas and topics for future classes.
  5. I will be enrolled in NHPS or another school while in the ASA program.
  6. I will maintain a positive disciplinary record in school with no suspensions or expulsion.
  7. I will stay in school and maintain at least a 90% attendance record or better.
  8. I will stay out of trouble and not be involved in negative activities outside of school or ASA.
  9. I will work hard toward the goal of getting into college or technical school.
  10. I PROMISE to Think Big!! & Dream Big!!

What To Do: 

Be Your Best Self! Treat others with respect, be kind, be aware of your tone, and always use appropriate language.

Follow Directions. Your teacher will establish expectations about appropriate conduct.

By submitting this, I grant permission to ARTE and the instructor to conduct these programs with my child. I attest my child and I have read and understood all the rules and guidelines to participate and will abide by them. I understand my child will be removed from the program if he/she breaks these rules. I agree to not hold, ARTE, NHPS, the School, Instructor, funders, or anyone associated with the program liable for any reason. My electronic submission signifies my acceptance of these terms.

I agree my child will attend every session and not miss classes. Estoy de acuerdo en que mi hijo asistirá todos los sábados y no faltará a clases. *
I agree with the terms and details above. / Estoy de acuerdo con los términos y detalles anteriores. *